Community Acupuncture of Elmira

Affordable, effective acupuncture in a comfortable and friendly group setting.

Community Acupuncture of Elmira offers compassionate, “community-style” acupuncture upstairs at Live Well Upstate, our mother clinic. Our mission is to provide you effective care affordable enough so you can come as often as you need to. This is very helpful for chronic issues such as anxiety and stress, digestive problems, pain and high blood pressure. 

All treatments are sliding scale

$20 to $45

*climbing stairs is required 

Our community acupuncture services are offered on a sliding scale of $20 – $45 per treatment. YOU decide how much you can pay today. We simply ask that you pay as much as you can along that scale: no proof of income required. You decide what you can afford to get the care you need, as often as you need.

Those who can afford to pay a little more help those for whom acupuncture would be an impossible expense otherwise. Community creation and mutual support!

Whether you are new to acupuncture, or just new to Live Well Upstate and Community Acupuncture of Elmira, we look forward to meeting you! Together, we can help each other live happier, healthy lives, in Elmira and beyond! Good health takes and makes a community…

Community Acupuncture: 

 Health takes and makes a community!

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408 West Church Street
Elmira, New York 14901