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  • Self-managing Clinic
  • Community Purpose
  • Show Up as the WHOLE YOU
  • Affordably build your practice
  • Be Proud of your Workplace

Work with us at Live Well Upstate

YOU (are awesome):

1. You LOVE people, and you love yourself.

2. You are eager to give your gift.

3. You are accomplished and/or motivated to develop your skills.

4. You want to run your own practice.

5. You want to partner with others for inspiration, edification, fun and to reduce cost.

6. You want a build-as-you-go practice.

7. You know how to be kind, patient and pro-active.

8. You want to join a team of committed clinicians, while running your own practice.

9. You want to have visibility and clout from day 1, by partnering with an established and beloved natural medicine practice. 

10. You are more interested in excellence of reputation than in slick marketing (though marketing has its place!).

11. Community and connection are INSPIRING to you!

If you resonate with most or all of the above statements, we would love to have a sit-down chat with you over tea and smiles. We are expanding our offerings, and want YOU to be a part of it.

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