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Maya Hayes, LMT

Clinical & Therapeutic  Massage        

"Anyone wishing to study medicine must master the art of massage."


Father of Modern Medicine

Maya Hayes, LMT

In massage sessions with Maya, you will find a rare sincerity of purpose and integrity of skill. Healing, relaxation and pain-reduction are Maya's gifts for you. No matter your condition, acute or chronic or preventive, Maya gives you care you can trust, in a session designed especially for you, the individual client. Maya listens, communicates and gives you the best massage available. Depth of character combines with profound skill, just for you. 

Maya is a graduate of Finger Lakes school of Massage, where she excelled in both academic performance and mastery of massage therapy. Maya puts every ounce of her self into what she loves, and you will love your session with her!

15 minutes..........$25

30 minutes.........$45

60 minutes.........$75

90 minutes.........$105

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