Float Therapy

R.E.S.T. Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Live Well Upstate has installed the area's FIRST float therapy room! It is the ultimate in relaxation of the body, mind and emotions.

Our tub is filled with 10 inches of skin-temperature water (93-94ºF), saturated with over eight hundred pounds of Epsom salts. You simply cannot sink in water this dense! You float effortlessly, letting each muscle relax over the course of your session, up to 90 minutes. To relax even more, close the lightweight hatch on the tank, for serene darkness and silence. In this space of quiet weightlessness, the mind and emotions settle into the best calmness you can reach without being a meditation master! This is real therapy of the best kind: drug-free and EFFECTIVE. Stress, anxiety, chronic pain and even creative blocks are helped by therapeutic floating. 

The water in the tank is filtered three times between each session, as well as sanitized with UV light. You will receive instructions and all the help you need before your first few floats, which include making sure you shower before and after your session, how to use the provided earplugs and so forth. We will answer any question you have, before and after your float!

60 minutes  $45           90 minutes $55
$10 off your float when combined with a same-day massage!
408 West Church Street
Elmira, New York 14901