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Expert Massage Therapy: The First Medicine

Feel good NOW

"Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we've looked at."

~ Dr. Tiffany Field, PhD,

Director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami

We believe massage should have results. While all massage therapy has truly wonderful relaxation benefits, our clinical or medical massage gets positive outcomes, such as:


  • accelerated healing of injuries

  • lasting pain relief

  • increased flexibility of joints

  • sustainable reduction of stress and anxiety

  • healthy blood pressure

  • a more resilient immune system.

Massage is medicine, and we can help. And in case you didn't already know: it feels GREAT.

$25      15 minutes
$45      30 minutes
$75      60 minutes
$105    90 minutes
$135    2-hour shiatsu
Maya Hayes
Clinical Massage Therapy
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