Jenna Berg
Maya Hayes
Clinical Massage Therapy
Seamus Kennedy
& Massage

We love working here!  

Your clinicians work at Live Well Upstate because they care not only for you,

but for each other as well.  

Our clinicians choose to work together at Live Well Upstate because

they share the following  beliefs and values

  • Effective clinical skills will speed healing and recovery from pain and disease

  • Ongoing study and training make us better clinicians and educators

  • Preventive care strengthens the whole person physically, emotionally and mentally

  • Thoughtful customer service is kindness (and we all deserve kindness!)

  • Ease, love and joy are part of good health and wellness

  • Health education serves not just the individual, but the whole community

  • Elmira is our beloved home, and we are eager to play our parts in the city's renaissance!

408 West Church Street
Elmira, New York 14901