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The Clinic

at Live Well Upstate

Live Well Upstate in Elmira, New York was founded in 2012 by Seamus Kennedy, MSOM LAc LMT. In 2023, Seamus moved the practice to a beautiful 1910 Elmira Victorian. He offers "whole person" medicine, and makes skilled natural healthcare available and affordable in Elmira and the Twin Tiers.  Additionally, Seamus offers regular classes and trainings in meditation and mindfulness as part of a larger mission to make personal wellness a priority for our entire community.

  • Acupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion

  • Expert Clinical Massage Therapy

  • Medicinal Herbal Formulas

  • Nutritional guidance and planning

  • Meditation classes and training


Conventional medicine often takes the equivalent of a sledge hammer to a thumb tack. While strong medicine is often necessary (and we at Live Well Upstate are in awe of the advancements being made in surgery and pharmaceuticals), in non-urgent care scenarios, 80% (or more!) of our chronic illnesses, boo-boos, bad backs and so forth can be taken care of WITHOUT drugs or surgery, or can often lead to freedom from drugs and surgery. Natural medicine takes more time, and usually (almost always) involves some lifestyle changes. Natural medicine helps your body heal from the inside out using gentle, supportive and sometimes provocative therapies, and helps rebuild resilience and establish more vibrant health. This very often reduces or eliminates the need for pain medications and other long-term pharmaceuticals.

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